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 Cloning vectors information  

You can find in the following a list of the different vectors we use in our libraries, click on the links in the table to obtain a map or the sequence of these vectors.


Graphics Genbank Files Expandable graphics Comments
attB-P[acman]-CmR-BW genbank file    
pBAC-lac genbank file   Not Available (BACPAC)
pBACe3.6 genbank file    
pBACGK1.1 genbank file    
pBACGMR genbank file    
pBAC-red genbank file    
pCYPAC2 genbank file wmf picture  
pEpiFOS5 genbank file   Order from Epicentre
pCC1FOS genbank file    
pCC1FOS-CHA genbank file    
pPAC4 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC1 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC1.3 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC2 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC2.1 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC3 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC4 genbank file wmf picture  
pTARBAC6 genbank file wmf picture  

The Genbank sequence files of the cloning vectors can be downloaded and read with standard text editors.  The files contain all sequence information plus a standard feature table.The .wmf picture format allows you to view and expand the vector image as you wish, in order to have the greatest amount of detail. After being downloaded, the clipart can be opened and printed using Microsoft Word. Informax offers a Freeware program for visualizing the molecular data of these vectors.   Vector NTI Viewer is available for 9x/me/2K/XP and Macintosh (System 7.1.2 or later) platforms and enables the viewing of Genbank sequence files as integrated maps.

All Vectors are available as Bacterial Stabs (DH10B).  Requests should be e-mailed to BACPAC Resources indicating the vector(s) needed along with complete mailing address.

Contact BACPAC Resources ( ) for further information regarding current availability or ordering.

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