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High throughput analysis of hybridization filters
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CHORI-321:Drosophila melanogaster
CHORI-322:Drosophila melanogaster

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Principal Investigator
Pieter De Jong, PhD

Hung Nguyen, BS


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 Library Array Distribution Policy    

All libraries are maintained in frozen "microtiter dish" format. Copies of whole library arrays may, infrequently, be available, and request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Availability will require the scientific need for complete-library access (for instance to annotate, modify or analyze all BAC clones as part of a genome project). Library copies are never distributed for convenience or economic reasons. Commercial users need to establish a licensing agreement. The clones or derived DNA samples shall not be transferred to other laboratories or used within commercial applications without a licensing agreement. All users of whole libraries will need to establish a signed Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA). Please contact Pieter de Jong ( to inquire about this licensing options.

When the scientific results obtained from use of any library are published or otherwise disseminated, the scientific creators and the origin of the BAC library should be acknowledged.

Please note that arrayed libraries are NEVER distributed immediately because of the logistics of the library duplication and shipping. The following considerations are important with respect to the availability of library copies and the timing of the distribution:

  Policy considerations

1) Arrayed clone libraries take up significant freezer space. Hence, we prefer to maintain minimal inventories of clone collections and rarely have uncommitted copies of the requested library available for distribution. To appreciate the cost aspect: a typical mammalian genomic BAC library with 10-fold genome redundancy (150 kb or more insert size) has 550-700 microtiter dishes. A single library copy takes up 20% of a large 21 CuFt freezer. Our current costs for maintaining single freezers now amounts to $500/month (as of January 2009), although we are exploring less expensive options.

2) Arrayed library clones suffer from repeated freezing and thawing. In order to replicate an arrayed library, the master copy needs to be thawed and refrozen. To maintain viability in the master copy, it is essential to pool requests for library copies. Pooling of request affects the labor costs to prepare copies.

  Logistics and technical aspects

1) Libraries are in microtiter dishes (mostly with 384-wells) and the wells contain frozen clone cultures in LB media supplemented with 7.5% glycerol and an appropriate antibiotic (chloramphenicol in BACs and fosmids; kanamycin in PACs; ampicillin in cDNA clones).

2) The dishes are covered with a regular lid only and the wells are not sealed.
Hence, the shipment will need to occur in containers with dry ice to prevent cross-contamination. All dishes are packed together in blocks of 7 dishes (for 384 well dishes) in Styrofoam boxes with dry ice.

3) Dry ice will evaporate during the shipment. Hence we will use sufficient dry ice to permit shipments to last at least three days within the USA/Canada or 4-5 days for international shipments.

4) The CO2-vapors from the dry-ice will dissolve in the frozen culture media inside the wells. This can have unexpected consequences. If the plates are subjected to rapid temperature increase, the carbon dioxide will form small gas bubbles inside the frozen culture, resulting in an increased liquid level - possibly rising above the rim of the well. Please make sure that the dishes are immediately transferred to -80 freezers for several days before thawing the dishes - to permit the excess CO2 to evaporate slowly. No dry ice should ever be stored in the same freezer.






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