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 Rearray Sets Disclaimer Statement    

The 32k clone set mapping information was created using publicly available BAC fingerprinting, BAC end sequencing, FISH and genome sequencing data. The Human Genome sequence assembly data, June 2002 Freeze, was used to generate the data in collaboration with Genome Sciences Centre, Vancouver, BC Canada. Extensive quality control (QC) was implemented to ensure minimal opportunities for errors and contaminations. Extensive quality assessment (QA) was performed using BAC fingerprinting to confirm that the fingerprint of each clone in the set matches the ones in the FPC database. We eliminated clones which did not match fingerprints and have “visible” cross-contamination during the re-arraying process. We did not, however, streak single colonies for each clone, therefore there may be a possibility of a low level of cross-contamination which was not detected using fingerprinting. We are confident that the error rate of our clone set is minimal as of the time the data was generated. It is however our policy that we do not take any legal liability for the correctness of the data. It is at the user’s own risk to use the data presented here. If there are any errors in the data, we can send replacement clones from our library at your cost however, we cannot guarantee the correctness of the replacement clones (as stated in our FAQs).


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