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 Non-Recombinant Clones Containing Intact
Vector Molecule (Hybridization pUC-Positive") 

Non-recombinant clones in the library containing the intact vector were identified and distinguished from clones containing insert by colony hybridization using the vector as a probe. Non-recombinant clones contain the high-copy number pUC replicon, lacking in the recombinant clones, thus resulting in a much higher hybridization signal of vector sequences.

It should be noted that while analyzing BAC clones using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to determine the average insert size, non-insert clones containing a small deleted vector fragment consistent with sucrose resistance were observed.


  List of non recombinant clones

RPCI Human PAC Libraries
RPCI-11 Human Male BAC Library
RPCI-13 Female Human BAC Library
RPCI-21 Female (129S6/SvEvTac) Mouse PAC Library
RPCI-22 Female (129S6/SvEvTac) Mouse BAC Library
RPCI-23 Female (C57Bl/6) Mouse BAC Library
RPCI-31 Female (Brown Norway) Rat PAC Library
RPCI-32 Male (Brown Norway) Rat BAC Library
RPCI-41 Male (Olive)Baboon BAC Library
RPCI-42 Male Bovine BAC Library
RPCI-43 Male Chimpanzee BAC Library
RPCI-44 Male Porcine BAC Library
RPCI-81 Male (Doberman Pinscher) Canine BAC Library
RPCI-86 Male Feline BAC Library
RPCI-93 Trypanosoma brucei TRUE 927 BAC Library
RPCI-96 Bombyx mori Silkworm Library
RPCI-97 t.brucei
RPCI-98 d.melanogaster ovary
RPCI-99 chinese hamster
RPCI-102 t.brucei 427
RPCI-104 Schizosaccharomyces pombe Library
CHORI-14 Human male BAC Library
CHORI-15 Human female BAC Library
RPCI-24 mouse (male C57BL/6J ) Library
CHORI-25 mouse 100 kb sheared (female C57BL/6J ) Library
CHORI-26 Mus musculus castaneus (CAST/Ei) male BAC Library
CHORI-27 Mus musculus A/J BAC Library
CHORI-28 Mus musculus BALB/cByJ BAC Library
CHORI-201 (Maize B73) Library
CHORI-211 Zebrafish Library
CHORI-213 threespine Stickleback
CHORI-221 d.melanogaster sheared
CHORI-222 d.pseudoobscura BAC Library
CHORI-223 d. melanogaster sheared BAC (small insert)
CHORI-230 Brown Norway Rat(3-month old female.BN/SsNHsd/MCW) BAC Library
CHORI-240 bovine male BAC
CHORI-241 equine BAC
CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
CHORI-250 Rhesus macaque male BAC
CHORI-251 Chimpanzee male BAC
CHORI-254 Squirrel Monkey BAC
CHORI-255 Male Gorilla BAC Library
CHORI-256 Male galago BAC Library
CHORI-257 Female Grey Mouse Lemur BAC Library
CHORI-259 Male Common Marmoset BAC Library
CHORI-301 Ciona savignyi sheared
CHORI-302 Amphioxus BAC Library


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