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We provide a large number of BAC, PAC, fosmid and cDNA clone libraries arrayed into 384 or 96 well plates.

  • We do not normally maintain an inventory of extra library copies. Library copies will be rarely be made, and require advance planning. This is necessary in view of the logistics and also to avoid repeated freezing/thawing of the "master" copy of the library. In addition, many of the master copies are stored at a remote location, far away from our Oakland site.  This requires a 360 miles round trip by car to retrieve the master copy. Due to the freezer space considerations, we cannot not guarantee that arrayed copies will be available in a short period [or at all], but may be prepared to commit to specific requests with a quote carrying an expiration date. Please read our library sharing policy for information on the logistics of arrayed library copies.
  • Some libraries may never become available as library copies. Libraries with an "RP" or "RPCI" name are unavailable to commercial users (with the exception of RPCI-24, also named "RP24") unless a Materials Transfer Agreement has been established with Roswell Park Cancer Institute through the current Director of Technology Transfer.
  • All other libraries are available to commercial users, but require a licensing agreement. This agreement may differ depending on the specific requirements established by the institution where the library was created and also be influenced by the specific applications considered. Requests for commercial library MTAs should be emailed to Suzanne Haendel and carbon-copied to Pieter de Jong and bacpacorders.
  • Please click here to access the complete list of our extensive collection of libraries.


  Ordering &  Pricing

Complete libraries or defined library segments may be available for academic customers by reimbursement of duplication costs (labor and materials) and reflecting the costs of longterm library storage at our site. Information on availability and costs may be obtained by contacting Pieter de Jong. If available, then copies are usually only distributed per complete library or per defined segment (as posted on library-specific web pages).

For ordering and shipping details, please view ordering & pricing information page.

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