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Knock Out Mouse Poject (KOMP) at CHORI

  What is KOMP?

KOMP is a trans-NIH initiative to generate a public resource of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells containing a null mutation in every gene in the mouse genome. Two groups have been funded by this program to generate knockout mouse lines:

  KOMP strategies
  Quality Assessment
  What is CHORI's effort in KOMP ?
    • Involved in CSD KOMP strategy
    • Creation of the pre-Gateway vectors
    • Distribution of pre-Gateway and post-Gateway vectors


  Place An Order for a KOMP Vector

BACPAC Resources supplies pre-gateway intermediate clones and post-gateway constructs ready for ES cells transformation stored in e.coli.

Please follow the link to our KOMP ordering page to find and order the vector for your gene of interest. Please note, komp orders will be processed through the BACPAC Resources Center (BPRC) online ordering system.

For KOMP ES cell lines and cryopreserved embryos, please use the UC Davis KOMP ordering website.

Search our repository of KOMP genes we have processed so far:



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