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This page permits checking the status of an order. This does not require account-holder status as only limited information will be returned. What's needed? Only a proper combination of the postal code (for the delivery address) and either the order ID number (the account holder would receive this per email after placing an order online) OR the proper name of the BAC-, PAC- or fosmid clone (following the NCBI-recommended nomenclature). The query returns the Federal Express tracking number if applicable.

Delivery Postal Code: Order ID:


Delivery Postal Code: Clone Name:


Delivery Postal Code: P.O. Number:


Delivery Postal Code: Last 4 Credit Card #:

We have implemented the Order Status Page in recognition of the fact that the end-user of the clone [the scientist/student/research assistent] often does not know if the actual order has been received by our BACPAC Resources Center. Please send any suggestions for additonal search options to the webmaster or to the principal investigator (Pieter J. de Jong)

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