Terms of accountability for

BACPAC Resources,

the Recipient of the BAC library and the Shipping company.

To acquire BACPAC Resources library copy, please read the terms of accountability below and fax a signed agreement to BACPAC Resources.


The laboratory led by Pieter J. de Jong has been publicly funded for the preparation of many BAC libraries. The funding has never covered the distribution of such libraries (or similarly arrayed cDNA libraries). To facilitate access to the cDNA libraries, we dedicate part of our activities to replicate and to distribute clones, libraries and high-density screening reagents to the scientific community. These activities are carried out by the "BACPAC Resources" section of the laboratory. BACPAC Resources is not a company and has no profit objectives or monetary reserves.   We have no direct funding for the distribution aspects and are only charging the minimal (non-profit) costs for all our resources.

We have occasionally experienced long and unexpected delays during international shipments. In most cases the delays were due to customs regulations and procedures in the Recipient's country. BACPAC Resources CANNOT share the financial responsibility for delays at the border, or at any point during the mailing. We only ship the packages using a recipient's valid Federal Express or DHL/Airborne Express account, or through international courier. This means that any mailing difficulties or disputes are between the Recipient and the shipping company. BACPAC Resources package the library dishes professionally and include extra dry ice when we ship internationally (compared to shipments within the USA). We do not ask for reimbursement for the extra dry ice and extra boxes and will absorb these extra costs as a courtesy. However, we cannot accept any other financial liability for the shipment.

What BACPAC Resources will do during international mailing of an arrayed, frozen BAC library:


1) We will include all the required information along with the package to ensure the best passage through customs in foreign countries. Since we have no specific expertise about the rules and regulations in the Recipients country, we rely only on information the Recipient provides us.


2) Once the package has been mailed, BACPAC Resources will immediately provide the package's tracking number to the Recipient, so that the recipient can monitor the whereabouts of the package. What the recipient does with the tracking number or does not do, is not the responsibility of BACPAC Resources.


What the recipient should do :


1) Print this form and fax us a signed copy of the acceptance of financial responsibility. This will need to be signed by the Recipient, or someone in the Recipient's institute or workplace, who has the authority to accept financial responsibility.


2) Provide BACPAC Resources with the best information to ensure easy passage of the package through customs.


3) Advise us on the dates best to ship and about upcoming holidays or institutional recess in order to avoid delays.


4) Follow the course of the shipment of the package by the Federal Express or DHL/Airborne Express tracking number. To avoid delay or lost, please track at least once a day following the mailing of the package. This will provide an opportunity to detect possible problem EARLY and thus permit corrective steps to be taken. We recommend that the Recipient provide additional information to the shipping and customs agencies as needed to experdite packages release from possible customs hold-ups. If there is a delay at the customs, then we also recommend that the recipient requests shipping or customs agent to add dry ice to the package before all ice has evaporated.  


5) Stay in contact with us during the course of the shipment. Please confirm the arrival & integrity of the package. We are interested to know if the packages arrived sufficiently intact to avoid unnecessary risks to the contents of the package. If the boxes appear to be broken and no longer intact, it would be best to document this with digital pictures and send us a copy by email (please less than 1 MB to avoid email stagnation). The liability for broken packages remains however a matter of concern between the shipping company and the recipient.   Possible damage claims need to be filed with the shipping company and NOT with BACPAC Resources. We will use the information only to permit us to plan packaging changes for future international shipments.



Alternative shipping procedures :


If you want more assurance during shipping and better passage through customs, then we recommend that you request shipment by one of several international courier services. These services are much more expensive but greatly reduce the risks of unexpected delays.


What will happen in case a library is lost during mailing -   in spite of good care by BACPAC Resources.


In the event that the contents of the package ("the BAC Library") have become useless due to mishandling by customs or shipping personnel, the Recipient is still financially responsible for the full costs of the package. This will need to be paid promptly. Under no circumstances can BACPAC Resources afford the financial risks. We will consider mailing another package (again at full cost) if we have a non-reserved copy of the requested BAC library in our possession. Alternatively, we will do our best to place your request at the top of the priority list once we start the next cycle of library duplication for the requested library.



Agreement with the terms of accountability and financial liability:


I have understood the liabilities and the risks associated with international shipments of biological materials. My signature below indicates my acceptance to the financial responsibility and terms of the agreement indicated above.


Resource agreed for shipment:_________________________________________        

Name (Please Print):________________________________________________  

Title/Function at Recipients Institute:_________________________________



Signature:_______________________________ Date:___________(mm/dd/yyyy)

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