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High throughput analysis of hybridization filters
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CHORI-321:Drosophila melanogaster
CHORI-322:Drosophila melanogaster

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Pieter De Jong, PhD

Hung Nguyen, BS

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 Limited Use Agreement    

Most of the clones distributed by our BACPAC Resource Center(BPRC), have been prepared in our local laboratory as part of BAC, PAC or fosmid libraries. In addition to the locally-generated clones, several additional clone resources have been imported from other institutions to be maintained and distributed through BPRC.

What does it mean if we offer clones for sale? In fact the clones are not for sale at all!

The situation is similar to software licensing. When you order a clone or an entire clone collection, you pay a license fee which permits the use of the clones for research applications within the laboratory of the specific researcher. The clones are not transferrable without permission. Discoveries prepared with the clones are not owned in any way by the clone provider. The licence fees we charge are part of a not-for-profit mechanism to cover the costs associated with the operation of the BACPAC Resource Center and these charges include the maintenance of our clone collections.

Starting December 17, 2004, we are requiring all new users to agree to the terms of our distribution mechanism when a new online ordering account is set up.  Users with an existing account will also encounter this requirement for a one-time consent to the conditions of clone licensing when they place their next order. This requirement is very comparable to the licensing of software. Please don't order and use our clones unless you agree with our modest conditions.

The non-commercial clone licensing agreement can be downloaded in PDF format and printed on your local printer. Please click on the following link.

Limited Use Agreement (PDF Format) V1.2

Prior to June 7th 2007, you may have agreed to the following agreement:
Limited Use Agreement (PDF Format) V1.1

Prior to January 25, 2005, you may have agreed to a slightly different form:

Limited Use Agreement (PDF Format) V1.0)

In order to view this file you will need to have installed the Adobe PDF Reader.

(updated 3/4/2005,8/12/2005,6/8/2007)


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