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The GENSAT project at The Rockefeller university is an NIH funded, publicly available gene expression atlas of the developing and adult central nervous system in the mouse. The project also generated transgenic BAC-EGFP reporter and BAC-Cre recombinase driver mouse lines, which are available as research resources to the scientific community. Detailed information is available from the GENSAT website and the GENSAT resources at NCBI.  To find out more about the distribution of these resources, please go to

Distribution of the GENSAT Collection BAC-EGFP reporter constructs will be handled by BACPAC Resources. Please contact for pricing information or place a trial order (without completing it).  In order to order the reporter construct, you will need to have the name of the EGFP BAC. To find the correct name, please search the BAC Catalog at the GENSAT website for the gene of interest. The reporter BAC name is found under the column label "Order from CHORI". Find your gene of intererest in the GENSAT BAC Catalog perhaps using "CONTROL F". For instance, look for "Casr" and find two connected BAC names: "RP23-4i4" and "BOX1581", representing the original BAC and the EGFP-modified version. Click on the EGFP BAC name, which is hot-linked to the CHORI online ordering page, and it will place the BAC in the electronic shopping cart (using a slightly changed name: "GENSAT1-BOX1581".  If you want to order multiple clones, then add the additional names manually to the already-open shopping cart.  Note: Please do not enter BAC names found under the "BAC-address" column label of the GENSAT BAC Catalog into the CHORI BACPAC shopping cart. If such names are inadvertantly entered, you will request and obtain the original BACs lacking the EGFP reporter. The name of the EGFP-BAC should always resemble this format: "GENSAT1-BX1581"

The MMRRC-UC Davis Center holds and distributes mouse strains generated during this project, for more information on availability of these strains, please visit the MMRRC-UC Davis website.


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