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Questions and Answers (continued)

12) I would like to order a mouse BAC with the name MSMg01-88E21. The BACPAC shopping cart does not recognize this clone. Why?


The MSMG BACs are from a BAC library created by Dr.Abe in Japan. These BACs are not derived from one of the common laboratory strains. The library name indicates the name of the sub-species: MSM/Ms is an inbred strain derived from the Japanese wild mouse, Mus musculus molossinus. The library and specific BACs are only available from a Japanese distributor.

See the publication : ?


13) I have seen BAC clones from the NOD mouse strain in ENSEMBL. Does BACPAC distributes these? The BACPAC shopping cart does not recognize " bCN538a05".

Mapped BAC clones from the CHORI-29 BAC library can currently (January 2010) be found in two ways: 1)Displayed in the ENSEMBL (after configuring the browser display), or 2)By searching the NCBI CloneFinder (Cf) program. Please note that these databases follow different naming "dialects" for the BAC clones. The clones found through ENSEMBL have the following format: "bCN538a05". The same clone in CloneFinder is named: "CH29-538A5", which is the NCBI standard nomenclature used for more 10 years. BACPAC Resources has an online ordering system and this uses the NCBI Nomenclature. Therefore, clone names found on the ENSEMBL site should be translated into NCBI format to be recognized by the BACPAC electronic shopping cart. ["bCN" becomes "CH29-" and an extra digit in the "column" number should be removed: "05" should become "5"]. Additional information related to the NOD BAC library can be found here.



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