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  Information on the project

For the purpose of integrating cytogenetic, radiation hybrid, linkage and sequence maps of the human genome, as well as for research on cancer, a number of clones have been selected for and mapped by Fluorescent in-situ Hybridization at a 1Mb resolution. This set of clones, which mostly contains clones from our human library (RPCI-11) and clones from the Caltech Human Libraries is also known as the HBRC_1 set (Human BAC Resource Consortium_1 set).

This project has been carried out through a collaboration of several different groups and coordinated by Barbara J.Trask (Integration of cytogenetic landmarks into the draft sequence of the human genome, The BAC Resource consortium, Nature 409, 953-958 (2001)). Funding for the project was provided by the National Cancer Institute. Our Resources & Research Section provides more information on the project, which brought about the construction of these resources.

A complete and updated list is available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information's website. About a third (3967) of these clones are currently distributed by CHORI BACPAC Resources.


Clones from this collection can be ordered individually through our online ordering system by requesting the particular clone while specifying in the "comment section" of the requisition: "PLEASE PROVIDE THE FISH-CONFIRMED VERSION OF THIS CLONE". The clones are also available by ordering the entire collection (in deepwell blocks) or by ordering the entire collections specific for particular chromosomes. Such orders cannot be placed online and require an email communication with The entire collection is contained in forty-six 96 deepwell blocks, which have been arranged according to chromosome order. Clones from duplicated regions (hybridizing to mutiple chromosomes) are called "multisite clones" and these clones have been arrayed into separate blocks.

Due to regular updates of the complete list, and the possibility of future reorganization of the collection in the blocks, a release number - currently 1.3 - was assigned to it. Please consult the Resources and Research section of our site ( to see the content of these collections.

The collection is also subject to an ongoing quality control effort in our facilities ensuring the quality and reliability of our FISH Mapped Clone resource. Please contact our BACPAC manager for more details related to the quality assessment.

  Distribution Policy Excerpt

The clones or derived DNA samples shall not be transferred to others, shared with the other laboratories or used in commercial enterprises. For commercial use, a Materials Transfer Agreements will need to be executed with the owners of the library clones used (e.g. Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the case of RPCI-11 or -13 BAC clones.

There is no warranty of suitability of the DNA preparation for the user's conceivable application. While we don't assume financial liabilities, it is recommended to order "192 DNA samples" ($384 plus $35 set-up fee) at first to test whether quality and quantity of DNA is suitable for the user's application prior to ordering the whole set of DNA sample.

For more details please view the complete Distribution Policy.

  Ordering & Pricing

Pricing includes labor, reagents, reasonable part of the equipment usage, maintenance costs and institutional overhead charges. Plates can only be ordered by subsets of chromosome (2 to 3 plates).


FISH confirmed clones
Individuals in
Glycerol stock
41st and above
specific plates
(96-deepwell block)
For pricing and availability,
please contact 
Pieter  J. de Jong 
fax: (510)450-7924
DNA prep FISH confirmed clones
DNA in chromosome specific plates
(96-deepwell block)


For ordering and shipping details, please view the ordering and pricing information page.

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