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   EDGP-DrosBAC: fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) BAC Library   

This Drosophila melanogaster BAC library (Dros BAC) provided by the Resource Centre was made by Alain Billaud at CEPH (Centre d’Etude du Polymorphisme Humaine) in a collaboration with the European Drosophila Genome Project co-ordinated by D.Glover. Funding was from the EU and from an MRC project grant to Michael Ashburner, David Glover and Robert Saunders. The DNA was prepared from D. melanogaster embryos ("y; cn bw sp" isogenic strain) by Alain Bucheton and Genevieve Payan. It has been constructed in the vector, pBeloBAC11 (Ref : genomics (1996)34,213-218 ) in E.coli strain DH10B. The vector map and sequence are available.

Please note that this library has two different names as a result of different nomenclature rules used by the BGDP and CHORI (BACPAC Resources). The BGDP followed the established nomenclature for Drosophila BAC libraries but BACPAC Resources followed the NCBI recommendations for all BAC libraries, irrespective of species. Hence, a clone called "BACN02N12" by the BDGP (and UCSC) should be referred to as "EDrosBAC-2N12" when ordering this clone from BACPAC Resources. All BACs from the BACN and BACR parts of the libraries will get the library name "EDrosBAC", followed by a dash and then the clone address within the library (dish#, row character, column #; for instance 2N12).

The "BACN" library was prepared with NdeII inserts and the "BACH" library with HindIII inserts, with all fragments generated by partial digestion with the corresponding restriction enzyme. All clones are maintained in separate wells in 384-well dishes (BACN: dishes 1 thru 46) and BACH: dishes 47 thru 61.

The insert sizes for the different parts of the library are:
BACN dishes(1-6) & BACH dishes(47-49): 125-150 kb
BACN dishes(7-28)& BACH dishes(50-58): 100-125 kb
BACN dishes(29-46)&BACH dishes(59-61): 75-125 kb

The library consists of approx. 23,400 clones in 61 microtitre plates, providing an approximate 10-fold genome coverage. The plate numbers run from 1 to 61. The library is in microtitre plates (384-well format), grown in standard LB broth (see e.g. Sambrook-Fritsch-Maniatis: Molecular Cloning, A Laboratory Manual) with chloramphenicol added to a final concentration of 20 ug/ml and 7.5% glycerol. The stock plates are stored in a freezer at -70oC.

Positions of empty wells within the dishes:
23D11; 29O2; 31I6; 31H8; 32K13; 32L18; 32E24
34O17; 34M21; 34J23; 38J1; 38L1; 38N1; 38K2;
38L2; 38P2; 38N3; 38P3; 38D4; 38G4; 38H4
38I4; 38J4; 38N4; 38P4; 38J6; 38E7;38G7
38J7; 38E8; 38I8; 38F10; 38D11; 38F13; 38D14
38E14; 42K2; 42L2; 42P4; 49P2; 49P24; 55D23
55D24; 57B15; 57K20; 58P7; 59I19

Please acknowledge the originator of the library, Alain Billaud at CEPH and the UK HGMP Resource Centre for providing the library in any publication arising out of using this resource.


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