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Please read our library array sharing policy for information on the logistics and availability of library copies in a microtiter dish format. All libraries can also be accessed by obtaining high-density colony hybridization filters and obtaining single clone stocks (see ordering and pricing information). Specific information about the library plates, genomic clone insert sizes, genomic DNA sources used for the libraries, etc., can be found by following the hotlinks connected to the particular libraries listed on this page. Many of our libraries are listed on the NCBI clone registry web site. Please use the nomenclature used on the NCBI website or the very related nomenclature listed on our web site in any public data releases.

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Please use the following tree to browse our library list (141 libraries total. 2.304e+7 total clones.).
(M): Male, (F): Female

Contract Tree | Semi-Expanded Tree | Fully Developed Tree

Animal (139 libraries, 2.30e+7 clones)
 |---Vertebrate (105 libraries, 2.17e+7 clones)
 |    |---Mammal (87 libraries, 1.90e+7 clones)
 |    |    |---Primate (38 libraries, 9.11e+6 clones)
 |    |    |---Rodent (18 libraries, 4.59e+6 clones)
 |    |    |---Monotremata (Egg-laying mammals) (1 libraries, 3.32e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Marsupial (0 libraries, 0.00e+0 clones)
 |    |    |---Carnivore (Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, etc) (4 libraries, 6.31e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Insectivora (Hedgehog, Tenrec, etc) (1 libraries, 2.03e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Lagomorpha (Rabbits, Hares, etc) (0 libraries, 0.00e+0 clones)
 |    |    |---Persissodactyla (Odd-toed Hoofed Animals (Horse)) (1 libraries, 2.03e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Chiroptera (Bats) (2 libraries, 3.69e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Artiodactyla (Even-Toed Hoofed Animals (Cow, Pig, Deer, etc)) (17 libraries, 2.38e+6 clones)
 |    |    |---Proboscidea (Elephants) (1 libraries, 2.30e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Xenarthra (Anteaters & Relatives) (0 libraries, 0.00e+0 clones)
 |    |    |---Scandentia (1 libraries, 2.27e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Hyracoidea (1 libraries, 2.03e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Pilosa (1 libraries, 3.13e+5 clones)
 |    |    |---Pholidota (Scaly anteaters) (1 libraries, 2.03e+5 clones)
 |    |---Fish (10 libraries, 1.57e+6 clones)
 |    |---Bird (5 libraries, 6.82e+5 clones)
 |    |---Amphibian (2 libraries, 3.19e+5 clones)
 |    |---Reptilia (1 libraries, 1.66e+5 clones)
 |---Invertebrate (34 libraries, 1.30e+6 clones)
      |---Insect (18 libraries, 5.35e+5 clones)
      |    |---Honey bee (1 libraries, 3.69e+4 clones)
      |    |---Fruitfly (Drosophila species) (17 libraries, 4.98e+5 clones)
      |    |    +---BDGP-DGCR1: Drosophila Rel.1 cDNA Library
      |    |    +---BDGP-DGCR2: Drosophila Rel.2 cDNA Library
      |    |    +---EDGP-DrosBAC: fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) BAC Library
      |    |    +---RPCI-98: Drosophila melanogaster BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-221: Drosophila Melanogaster Sheared BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-222: Drosophila pseudoobscura Sheared/Restriction Digested Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-223: Drosophila melanogaster Sheared BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-225: Fruit Fly (Drosophila buzzatti) BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-226: fruit fly (Drosophila pseudoobscura MV2-25) BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-229: Drosophila miranda BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-321: Drosophila melanogaster (Reference Strain "PACMAN") BAC Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-322: Drosophila melanogaster (Reference strain, "PACMAN") BAC Library
      |    |    +---BDGP-DwiF01: Drosophila (Drosophila willistoni) Fosmid Library
      |    |    +---BDGP-DerF01: Drosophila (Drosophila erecta) Fosmid Library
      |    |    +---BDGP-DpsF01: Drosophila (Drosophila pseudoobscura) Fosmid Library
      |    |    +---BDGP-DviF01: Drosophila (Drosophila virilis) Fosmid Library
      |    |    +---CHORI-1227: Drosophila yakuba (Strain: Tai18E2) Fosmid Library
      |    |---Silkworm (0 libraries, 0.00e+0 clones)
      |---Worm (2 libraries, 5.53e+4 clones)
      |---Protista (6 libraries, 1.18e+5 clones)
      |---Annelids (2 libraries, 1.40e+5 clones)
      |---Mollusc (2 libraries, 1.62e+5 clones)
      |---Chordate (2 libraries, 1.64e+5 clones)
      |---Nemertean (1 libraries, 9.98e+4 clones)
      |---Cnidarian (1 libraries, 2.76e+4 clones)
      |---Flatworm (Platyhelminthes) (0 libraries, 0.00e+0 clones)
Plant (0 libraries, 0.00e+0 clones)
Fungus (1 libraries, 3.07e+3 clones)
Bacteria (1 libraries, 7.68e+2 clones)





















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