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  RPCI - 98 Drosophila melanogaster BAC Library


The RPCI-98 Drosophila melanogaster BAC Library has been constructed in our laboratory by Aaron Mammoser and Kazutoyo Osoegawa in collaboration with the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project headed by Gerald M. Rubin and co-directed by Susan E. Celniker at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Please note that this library has two different names as a result of different nomenclature guidelines used by the BGDP and CHORI (BACPAC Resources). The BGDP followed the established nomenclature for various Drosophila BAC libraries and BACPAC Resources followed the NCBI recommendations. Hence, a clone called "BACR48M07" by the BDGP should be referred to as "RP98-48M7".

High-molecular-weight DNA from an isogenic y1; cn1 bw1 sp1 strain (B.J. Brizuela et al., 1994, Genetics 137: 803; Bloomington stock number 2057) was prepared by Roger A. Hoskins. D. melanogaster agarose-embedded DNA was partially digested with a combination of EcoRI and EcoRI Methylase. Size selected DNA was cloned into the pBACe3.6 vector between the EcoRI sites.  The ligation products were transformed into DH10B electrocompetent cells (BRL Life Technologies).  The library has been arrayed into 384-well microtiter dishes and also gridded onto a 22x22cm nylon high-density filter for screening by probe hybridization.  The hybridization membrane represents over 18,000 distinct D. melanogaster BAC clones, stamped in duplicate.


The RPCI-98 Drosophila melanogaster BAC Library:

Segment Cloning Vector DNA Plate Numbers Total Plates Total Clones Empty Wells (Total)
Total Library pBACe3.6 Drosophila melanogaster 1-48 48 17,540 243


Segment Empty Wells (%) Non-insert clones pUC positive clones Non-Recombinant Clones (%) Average Insert Size Genomic Coverage
Total Library 1.3 approx. 650 1 3.5 165 Kbp 22X

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The total library should represent approximately 22-fold total genomic representation.

The RPCI-98 clone average insert size has been determined by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis.  Clone size distribution has been plotted graphically.

The RPCI-98 D. melanogaster BAC Library is available both as library plates, individual clones, and high-density hybridization sets (see Filter Availability)

Reference: Hoskins, R. et al. (2000) A BAC-based physical map of the major autosomes of Drosophila melanogaster. Science. 2000 Mar 24;287(5461):2271-4.

The library is available as library plates, individual clones, and high-density hybridization sets (see Filter Availability)

Individual clones identified after screening can be obtained as stab cultures at a cost of $80 per clone in addition to a $35 set-up charge per shipment. Shipping will be done by Federal Express and charged to the recipients account number.

With respect to the scheduling of shipments of arrayed library copies, we would like to make you aware of our policy for array distribution.

Please visit the ordering information page if you want to place an order.

Academic and commercial users interested in a copy of the BAC library should contact Pieter J. de Jong (, fax: (510) 450-7924). For hybridization membranes, please contact BACPAC Resources (



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